Every afternoon is a new opportunity to be bastards.
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Rob Loren

Next 20th of June, Thursday, we will inaugurate a Photography exhibition at the Gastro Bar Canalla Ibiza with the aim of bringing our clients closer to the vision of this artist and his environment, where he has been working for years. The artist and us from the Gastro Bar Canalla want to invite you to the inauguration and/or to visit with calm the exhibition that will remain until August 20, 2019.La Mirada Canalla of Rob Loren. Roberto Lorenzo aka Rob Loren is a visual artist and investigator of creative thought that lives and works between the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean. In artistic jargon, Rob is the glance, the intelligent and slightly scoundrel gaze pregnant with sensibility and captivating impulses. A combination of tender sincerity, almost poetic, with a rawness and rebellious attitude, always trying to be honest, believe in what he does and follow his path. The son of a photographer who fell in love with a Miss and model from Pertegaz, Loren's artistic film comes from his family and perhaps this is the key to his freshness. He is a true dream hunter, to be interpreted with any audiovisual technique and captured in any format. In this case a combination of black and white images with a rogue look, where the observer will have to do the exercise of dividing the observation into two segments: the denotation and the connotation. And you, what do you dream of? GASTRO BAR CANALLA PHOTO EXHIBITION. INAUGURATION THURSDAY 20 JUNE FROM 19 TO 21H

Evenings bitches

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From Monday to Friday the afternoons in Canalla will be an event in itself, in which to see and be seen, in which to taste unique tapas of excellent taste and different presentation.

The evenings are CANALLA